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Desire of Ages The Desire of Ages - is Ellen G. White's classic
on the life and ministry of Jesus–the One who stands at the center of all
human history. No one else has had such a profound influence on Planet
Earth as Jesus Christ. In this book the author does not set forth the events
of Jesus’ life in strict chronological order, but she presents Him as the One
who can satisfy the deepest yearnings of the human heart.

Great Controversey The Great Controversy - picks up the story a
t the destruction of Jerusalem and follows, in broad outline, the major issues
of the conflict between Christ and Satan as they have been seen in the history
of the Christian church down to our own day--and beyond, based on what the
Bible says will yet take place.

Patriarchs and Prophets Patriarchs & Prophets - presents the story of the
conflict between good and evil--between Christ and Satan--from its beginning,
starting with the origin of evil, then taking up the creation of the world, the
Bible patriarchs, Israel's Egyptian bondage and Exodus, and their establishment
in Canaan up to the time of David.

Ministry of Healing The Ministry of Healing - provides a well-rounded
look at the principles of healthful living, beginning with the ministry of Jesus and
extending to the life and ministry of every Christian.

Christ Objiec Lessons Christ Object Lessons - a companion volume to
The Desire of Ages, presents the parables of Jesus in a fresh light, showing
their application to Christian living today. In the devotional classic, Ellen G. White
plumbs the depths of the best-loved teachings of Jesus, offering a deeply spiritual
understanding of the parables of Christ as they apply to the life today. she provides
practical applications in a way that touches the heart. Christ Object Lessons was
written not by a dry historical scholar or a technical commentator, but as a messenger
with personal insight of the love our redeemer has for human kind.

The Great Controversy 1858 Edition - This is the
original version of The Great Controversy. Most people have never read it.

Early Writings - This volume is a comprehensive selection
of Ellen G. White’s published writings from the 1850s, along with a prologue
explaining the historical background of the text. The autobiographical section of the
book describes the author’s conversion experience, the Millerite movement of 1840-1844,
and the early visions that formed the foundation of her theology and ministry.

The Mystery of the Daily by John Peters - The fundamental
pillar of the Seventh-day Adventist Church is the sanctuary doctrine, 'a key
which unlocked the mystery of the disappointment in 1844' and which 'opened to view a
complete system of truth.'"  For serious students of the book of Daniel, this in depth
study details the pioneer view of the "daily" and contrasts it with the common view held
by many scholars today.

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